MacMost Now 415: iPhone 4 First Look

Take a look at the new iPhone. A new design is nice, but an early bug hurts wireless reception if held in your palm. Better screen resolution and two cameras are primary new features.
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Hi, this is Gary at MacMost Now, today's episode, let's take look at the new iPhone 4. So, I stood in line again at the Cherry Creek mall again in Denver Colorado for the new iPhone. There were two lines, the reservation line and the walk-in line. The reservations line was at least 200 maybe 250 people long at the time the store opened at 7am, and the walk-ins line was probably even longer. Still, I got into the store maybe about 15 minutes later and it only took us a few minutes for activation and I was home shortly thereafter. As usual the employees showed all their enthusiasm there and turned it into kind of a festive atmosphere and everybody was talking to everybody else in line. Activation seemed to go smoothly and I had no problems at all. Using an existing AT&T account and simply upgrading from a 3 GS to the iPhone 4. So here you're going to look at the phone itself. You can see it's got a flat front and back and it's got the curves just around the corners here. It's got two separate buttons for the volume control. The lock switch is before. At the top it's got phone jack and the regular sleep/awake switch. At the bottom it's got a dock and two speakers. On the front next to the earphone speaker you've got a front facing camera and on the back you've got the main camera and a small LED flash as well. So, the band outside of the iPhone, around the edges, acts as an antenna, so basically, you have an external antenna. Now, one of the problems that people have been facing in these first couple days here is that if you grab the phone like you would talk, with the bottom left corner firmly in the palm of your hand you basically loose reception, you, and has dropped calls have been reported. And I can experience right now and show you the bars are going to drop down from 5 bars, too, you can see it drop down to 4, and 3, and it will go down to 2 bars, right there, just from cupping it like that, and as I let go, it'll actually go back up. So, something about touching that bottom left hand corner hurts reception. It will be interesting to see what Apple has to say about this. Another thing to compare is the screen, now, here is iPhone 4, going to let that come into focus here, and you can see here is a picture that I took, let's see how close I can get in on it. You can see that's the clarity of the new iPhone 4's screen. Here's that same phone shown on the iPhone 3 GS screen, and it's really hard to tell of coarse, watching it on video here. There definitely more clarity on the iPhone 4 screen than on the 3 GS. So, another nice feature here is the camera, and it's a, going-we're facing camera here, and on the screen you notice that there's a camera rotate button, going to tap that, and that will, actually then we will use the front facing camera and you can use both to take pictures. So, I like the design, it feels good in your hand while making a phone call or using it as an iPod. I am going to be taking a closer look at features-specifically how well the cameras perform and of coarse face time in future episodes. Hope you liked this quick first look at the iPhone 4. Til next time, this is Gary Rosenswag with MacMost Now.

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    9 years ago

    what about the reported yellow patches on the screen that some have notices

    G Tyler
    9 years ago

    I think your fingers are acting as conductors between the multiple antenna segments.

    What happens if you have the rubber case on it? It should act as An insulator

      9 years ago

      I believe so, yes. And, yes, with a case the problem doesn’t happen.

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