MacMost Now 105: iPhone Day 2008 at the Apple Store

Gary Rosenzweig goes to the Apple Store at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Colorado to check out the line for the iPhone 3G.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: MacMost Now 105: iPhone Day 2008 at the Apple Store.

Gary: "Hi, this is Gary with MacMost now. I'm in Denver, Colorado at the Cherry Creek Mall about 20 minutes before the Apple store opens and I can hear the employees in there getting briefed on what's going to happen once the doors open. Over there we've got about two - three hundred people in line waiting to get the new iPhone."
Gary: "So, uh, do you have an iPhone now?"
Customer 1: "No, I don't"
Gary: "So, what made you decide to get one now as opposed to over the last year?"
Customer 1: "Um, because this is my BlackBerry and it's breaking. Pieces are falling off of it and it restarts about every hour on the hour."
Gary: "Why don't you just get another BlackBerry?"
Customer 1: "Um, because it's a BlackBerry! It looks like a calculator. I mean, I've been wanting an iPhone for quite a while. The biggest issue with the iPhone is the e-mail, lack of keyboard. But, you know what, I'm ready to go ahead and move."
Gary: "So, why an iPhone rather than getting another Nokia?"
Customer 2: "Well, I just thought it was the perfect phone for me."
Gary: "Why?"
Customer 2: "Um, just the colors of it."
Friend: "She can do FaceBook on it."
Gary: "So, you're upgrading today. Why are you upgrading?"
Customer 3: "3g. I mean, 3g and GPS. Those are the two things I really wanted in the first generation iPhone"
Gary: "Get it?"
Female Customer: "Yes"
Gary: "How was the sign up process?"
Female Customer: "A little bit slow."
Gary: "So, is it slow?"
Male Customer: "The system is incredibly slow right now. They're having issues with actually connecting to AT&T so it's AT&T really that's slowing everything down. They seem to be up and running so it makes sense. Apparently there's been news reports of outages and stuff like that already, so, um. But once we got it done, you know, they're letting us go home right and accessing it ourselves through the iTunes store."
Gary: "So, you didn't finish the process?"
Male Customer: "Didn't finish the process, yeah. So they're letting us do that instead."
Gary: "I'm gonna hang out here and wait for the line to dissipate, then I'm going to go ahead and get my own iPhone.

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    11 years ago

    hey i have a ipod touch and i still havent been promted to update to 2.0 can you help me?

    11 years ago

    Ty: No way for me to help. Just have to wait until Apple releases 2.0 for the Touch.

    11 years ago

    You have to “Buy” the update for the iPod Touch. Go to Apple site, and a link is there for 2.0 download.

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