iPhone Fast Chargers May Need To Be Certified

The new 2018 iPhones are expected to allow you to use third-party fast chargers. These USB-C chargers will let you charge your iPhone quickly and use a USB-C to Lightning adapter. Mac Okatara is reporting that this will also mean the chargers need to be certified devices, and if not they won’t work, or at least not at high speeds.

The reason for this isn’t that Apple wants to stop cheap chargers from hitting the market. It is a security issue. USB devices can be used to install malware or gain access to a device. This is why you should never use any free USB drives or ones from untrusted sources. Apple is part of a group of companies trying to combat this which is why they could be working to hinder any non-certified devices from being used. There should be plenty of certified devices available, and in fact many of the existing ones for Android phones may work from day one.