MacMost Now 649: iWork Numbers Printing Tips

You can create nice-looking printouts from Numbers, but the options to do so aren't always obvious. Learn how to view your spreadsheets in layout view, adjust scaling, darken borders and use styles and design elements to create nicer Numbers printouts.

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    Gary Stone
    12 years ago

    Dear Gary,

    Excellent video. I use spreadsheets often at work, and I always wondered what the correct procedure is to make them print out nicely. Thanks.

    12 years ago

    I'm having trouble formatting my spreadsheet-I only want to print select data in my spreadsheet. Is there a way to do this?

      12 years ago

      The best way to do it is to design the spreadsheet so the area you need to print is in its own table on its own worksheet. Then just print that worksheet.
      But if you are using a pre-existing table and don't want to re-arrange it, then you can copy and paste that area into a new document temporarily to print it.

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