MacMost Now 221: Jumpcut

You can supercharge cut, copy and paste on your Mac with the system extension Jumpcut. This free software provides a buffer of multiple clipboards allowing you to recall previous cut and copy contents.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now brought to you by squarespace for a great way to build your own website visit So every week in the MacMost email new's letter I usually recommend a piece of software that I really like and I've been using for a long time or maybe I just discovered, but every once in awhile I come across one that I think is so cool that I gotta do a whole episode on it. This one's called jumpcut and it's completely free open source extension to your pack that adds new functionality to your clip board I think it's so good it should really be a part of Mac OS 10 but until then you could just download jumpcut for free and add it. Let me show you what it does, so normally when your working in a document and you go ahead and copy something it goes into the buffer and you go ahead and paste it somewhere else but say you go ahead and copy something else, well the first thing is gone and replaced it's replaced by the second thing which is a shame because sometimes you wanna copy a few items and then paste those few items back somewhere else. Well what jumpcut does it has a little extension I like to use the menu method which is the little scissor here at the top of the screen click on that and I can see all the different things that I've copied into the buffer recently I've had texts that show me the last fifteen things so there's the last thing I've copied and there's the thing before it now I can go ahead and I can paste as normal and get the last thing I did but I can also go with here and paste the second to last thing and the third to last thing and it will show up so what it basically does is keep a running buffer of the last 15 40 or however many you want things that you copied to the clipboard. so the other way you can use it is bring up this semi transparent window over your screen so this is the middle of my desktop here and I'm gonna hit the defaults which are control option V and I'll basically get this little thing here where I can go ahead and page through the different items in my jumpcut buffer and select the one I want to paste. So it really is very simple but you'll find once you've that you've got jumpcut and you get use to using it you'll be using it all the time especially if you do a lot of writing like I do, you could download jumpcut completely free at till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    i love this program. i usually copy and paste a lot, and this program helps a lot.


    10 years ago

    This program looks good, I’ve been using a similar free program called PTHPasteboard 4 for a while now and absolutely love it, it has some really nice preference options such as the ability to create custom hot keys, use a search field, and even has a nice preview UI for when you’ve copied pictures and images and so forth, it can be downloaded for free at Anyway, just thought I would share, I think if you like this feature then it’s def worth checking out. Great Podcast by the way, I’ve learned so much from all these episodes.

    Jon Gillies
    10 years ago

    Thanks for pointing out Jumpcut, Gary. That is great for text and I will use it.

    I did, however, find what I think is a much more useful program called iClip. It is not OpenSource or free, but it is only $29. This allows you to do graphics and text.

    Keep up the video casts!

    10 years ago

    Thanks for telling us about this! I love the software!

    Michael Gerleve
    9 years ago

    Do you have a tutorial on the clipboard for macos x. I just discovered it, and have no idea how it works or what it`s for.

      9 years ago

      Not sure what you mean by “just discovered it” — the clipboard is the place where something is stored when you copy or cut it (Command+C, Command+X) and then you can paste it (Command+V) elsewhere. Every OS has basically the same thing. There really isn’t anything to show, it is just something you use. Is there a specific question you have about how to use it?

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Ever copy something to the clipboard to use later, and then when you go to use it you find it is no longer in the clipboard? The usually happens when you do another copy and paste in the meanwhile. But now to get back that original clipping, it is difficult or even impossible?
Jumpcut solves this very simply by keeping a running list of your clipboard. You can select any of the previous 15 or so clipboard contents and paste it, rather than just the last one.
It is open source and free, and something that no Mac should be without.