Keyboard Shortcut To Show Hidden Files

If you need to quickly see the hidden files when trying to open a file from an app, use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+period (AKA greater-than key). This reveals all hidden files and folders in the standard Open File dialog boxes in apps. Use it a second time to toggle this setting off.

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    Steve Mendoza Sr.
    7 years ago

    I press the shift +Command+perdiod keys at the same time and nothing happens!!!
    What am I doing wrong? do I have be in a certain app or program?
    Please explain in detail so I will understand please. Thank you

    7 years ago

    Steve: Try it in any app that has an Open File dialog. For instance, run TextEdit. Then choose File, Open. Then use the shortcut to reveal invisible files. Note that if you are looking in a folder that doesn't have any invisible files, then there's nothing to see. This is a great tip for developers and the like, but for many users there is never a need to access hidden files.

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