Know Your Mac’s Name

Want to know what the official name of your Mac is? In Lion, go to the Apple menu and choose About This Mac. Then click on More Info. This launches System Information. With the overview tab selected, the name of your Mac is at the top. Examples: “Mac Pro, Early 2008,” “MacBook Air, 11-inch, Mid 2011” and “iMac, 21.5-inch, Mid 2011.” This name and date system can be used to identify your Mac when describing trouble, checking for compatibility, or reselling.

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    Shirley Hershey
    11 years ago

    An alternate way to launch System Profiler quickly: Click on the Apple menu while holding down the Option Key. The first item toggles from About This Mac to System Profiler. Click on System Profiler and voila! Saves you a click whenyou want to find info about your system.

    11 years ago

    I just go to a terminal prompt and type 'hostname ' , and voila, it appears ! :p

    Mc-Mc:~ gregm$ hostname

    you weren't expecting that, were you Gary ? ;)

      11 years ago

      That's useful for finding the name of your Mac on your network, but that isn't what this tip is about.

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