MacMost Now 278: Layering Audio in iMovie 09

Learn how to create layers of audio in iMovie 09 and to adjust the volume of each layer and add sound effects to your iMovie projects.

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    12 years ago

    Tremendously helpful, thank you!

      11 years ago

      Most Excellent. I was wrangling with audio for ages and now, at last, I understand. Thanks.

    11 years ago

    Very helpful and clear, thanks.

    11 years ago

    Very helpful, thanks. Question…when you split audio from video, can you just keep audio and delete video?

      11 years ago

      Yes, but the audio must go over something — even a plain background. You can’t have a video with no video :)

    David H.
    11 years ago

    In iMovie 09, will I be able to raise and lower the volume of a music track to accommodate when someone is talking and then not talking? Seems like I would have to split the audio tracks and then edit for fade? Can I fade just to reduce, or are all the fades absolute in and out completely? This was a very helpful video.

    10 years ago

    Awesome tutorial Gary,most helpful. Question? When burning to disc I want to set the playback volume on the disc to a level not too loud? I’ve noticed on playback in DVD players the volume is way too loud compared to the volume set on the television?

      10 years ago

      You can adjust the volume of any track in iTunes by getting its info — it is one of the options. But I am not sure if that changes the volume of the track when burned to CD. There are some options, I think, you get when you choose to create a CD, maybe?

    9 years ago

    Why does my sound shift when I go to share/compress the finished video. Highly annoying, can’t fix.

      9 years ago

      Old versions of iMovie had an issue — it only happened with certain types of source video. I never came across it myself.

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