MacMost Now 593: Layering Video in Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to use multiple layers into Final Cut Pro X. You can place an image on top of a video and reposition, resize and crop the image easily. You can do with same with a second video, and even combine multiple videos and images. This gives you many more options that iMovie's ability to do picture-in-picture and cutaways.

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    Ed Ferrigan
    12 years ago

    Have you figured out how to key a talking head then remove the black background so I can import into Adobe Captivate? My project in captivate is 640 X 480. Im exporting at codec 4444. I can Key and remove background but still not getting transparency. Cant seem to find the answer anywhere on web.

      12 years ago

      I would try a forum that deal specifically with Adobe Captivate.

    12 years ago


    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Have you by any chance encountered a situation in FCP X where you insert one clip underneath a clip that is already on the timeline?

    I have green-screened footage where I have removed the background, and I am trying to put a false image as the background. I seem to be unable to put my background image underneath the footage that I have already put on the timeline.

    Any thoughts?

      12 years ago

      Haven't run into that. But I don't use green screen.

        12 years ago

        thank you for responding.

        I'm still having trouble figuring out how to insert one layer beneath an existing layer.

    12 years ago

    I really have to change to the mac.

    12 years ago

    Great tutorial! Do you have any tips/tricks to avoid slowing down FCPX when you have multiple layers? I have several layers of text in my video, and FCPX runs REALLY SLOW when I edit this project.

      12 years ago

      Use Proxy video. Go into Prefs, and look for that setting.

    12 years ago

    Dude you are a genius !

    I've been looking forever for this in fcpx ! ( It's not a obvious how to doe it out of the box ! )

    Do you have other fcpx tutorials ? You tube shows some but drilling down into them gives me "not available"....

    Anyway keep up the good work !


    Matt C.

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