MacMost Now 363: Learning to Program with Scratch

The free program Scratch from MIT allows you to learn how to program using a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can make and share your own games. You can even view examples made by others. This is great for children and adults who want to learn basic programming.

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    Ricky Wilson
    14 years ago

    I want to be able to make iPhone apps. I don't know any programming language yet, but I am starting a book called "Learn C on the Mac" by Dave Mark. This book is a part of a series which leads to iPhone development. Is there any easier/quicker way to learn programming for the iPhone? I am a 17 year-old mac savvy junior in high school, and I may want to pursue this in college.

    Thanks :)

      14 years ago

      I don't know that book, but it may put you on the fast track and help you breeze through programming in college. It is hard to recommend anything because everyone learns differently. Just don't give up if you don't like that book. Another book would teach differently. Or, maybe another method (classroom. hands-on, etc.)

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