Live Apple Announcement Commentary

Join me at where I will be tweeting live as we watch the Apple event today (10am pacific, 1pm eastern). Hope to provide good commentary and analysis. You can watch the live video from Apple here:

Here is the archive of my tweets:

Here we go. #AppleEvent

Apple Watch is now the #1 watch in the world? I wonder by which measurement? Probably several, but not all.

Apple Watch Series 3: Cellular built-in. No iPhone needed.

Apple Watch Series 3: Same number as you iPhone for calls, messages, maps, 3rd-party apps.

Apple Watch Series 3: You can listen to Apple Music via Apple Watch without an iPhone, just cellular.

Apple Watch Series 3: Faster processor, audible Siri, custom wireless chip.

Apple Watch Series 3: Same size as Series 2, even with all the new wireless hardware.

Apple Watch Series 3: No mention yet of how the data plan will work, or if there even is one. Is it an extra charge on your iPhone bill?

Apple Watch Series 3: $329 and $399. Still buy Series 1 for $249.

Apple Watch Series 3: In USA will be on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Apple Watch Series 3: Order Sept 15, available Sept 22.

New Apple TV: “Apple TV 4K”

Apple TV 4K: Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. These are high-end standards for 4K. So not “just” 4K, but “good” 4K.

Apple TV 4K: If you previous bough a movie in HD, and it becomes available in 4K, you get it upgraded for free.

Apple TV 4: Some live sports coming too.

Apple TV 4: $179, order on Sept 15. Ships next week.

New: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. Glass in front and back. Aluminum band on edge. Silver, Space Gray, Gold.

New iPhones: Better stereo speakers, A11 “bionic” chip.

New iPhones: 12MP camera, larger, faster, more light, optical image stab.

New iPhones: the plus will have f/1.8 and f/2.8 cameras. Optical image stab. 12MP

Looks like we know why “Portrait mode” is different than “Depth Effect.” iPhone 8 plus will include more Portrait mode options.

New iPhones: Shoot 4K video at 60fps. Shoot 1080 at 240fps.

Huh. The MLB At-Bat app will use AR to put stats above players’ heads while at the game. Can’t wait to try that!

New iPhones: wireless charging

New iPhones: Using Qi wireless standard. See …

New iPhones: 64GB for $699, 256GB version too. Plus from $799 for 64GB. Sept 15 orders. Sept 22 available. iOS 11 comes Sept 19.

New iPhone X!

iPhone X: Pronounced “iPhone Ten”

iPhone X: Edge to edge, top to bottom, curves at corners, cut-out at top. Glass on front and back, steel on edge. Space Gray and Silver.

Huh. So it is pronounced “Oh-Lead”, not O.L.E.D. OK.

iPhone X: No home button. Raise to wake or tap screen. Swipe up to go to Home screen. “Hey Siri” for Siri, or side button.

iPhone X: No Touch ID. Facial recognition instead. “Face ID”

iPhone X Face ID: So I guess twins can’t keep their phone data secret from each other.

So you can send an animated emoji via Messages that mimics the movement of your face. Snapchat kinda already does that though.

New product: AirPower charing mat. Next year.

iPhone X: $999. Ha! Take that everyone that said it would be $1,000.

FYI the reason 9:41 is shown in screens as the time in Apple announcements: they timed the 2007 announcement to reveal the iPhone at 9:41.

So I guess the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone model I’ll never own (will wait a month for the iPhone X).

OK. That’s it. Going to make a video to sum it all up.