MacMost Now 339: Looking Forward to 2010

MacMost's look at what could be in store for Apple fans in 2010. Rumors point to a new tablet product, as well as changes in iTunes. We can also expect updates as usual, including a new iPhone in 2010. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    14 years ago

    Happy new year Gary. Here it will be 2010 in about 3 hours. (already watched your predictions for 2010, and hope you are wrong on the tablet: would love to finally be able to buy a real tablet computer from apple .... but suppose you are right).

    14 years ago

    Happy New Years to you and yours Gary. Very glad I found your website a few weeks back. Looking forward to extending this relationship in 2010.

    As far as predictions go, I wonder what damage, if any, the problem with the 27-inch iMacs will have on sales and Apple's reputation?

    Thus far, my more intense usage of my iMac in the past two months has led me to feel less excited about my decision to purchase than I had since purchasing it in March. But we'll see what happens...

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