MacMost Now 497: Looking Forward to 2011

A look at what Apple may have in store for us in 2011. The Mac App Store will launch in January, Lion in the Summer, and rumors of a new iPad and iPhone should make 2011 another interesting year.
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hi this is gary with MacMost Now. Happy new year. today lets speculate about what apple has in store for us in 2011. so the first thing apple will do in 2011 is nothing to speculate about at all. on jan 6th apple will launch the Mac app store. this will change the way users find and buy the Mac software. now it remains to be seen whether this will be good for users and developers but we will know the report after the launch. now the biggest rumor going in 2011 is that Verizon will finally get the iPhone but it was also the biggest rumor in 08 9 and 10. so who's to say if it's actually going to happen. some rumors according to a first quarter launch perhaps even ads there are also rumors of new versions of the iPad. there are new versions of the iPhone and touch so why not the iPad one year after its launch. rumors are the new iPad may have a front facing camera, usb port and SD card slot. There will probably be a new iPhone launched in the summer just like the others. Its too early to speculate what features might be there but I can bet that the antenna will be on a different part of the device. Mac os10.7 codenamed lion. apple promised it in the summer, probably means late summer, it's also going to include allot of iOS like features and new integrations with the Mac store. as far as new macs, its been a while since apple has updated the design. Perhaps 2011 will be the year we see the first touch screen mac. im sure there will be upgrades across the board, general processor and smooth upgrades. in 2010 apple got serious with the itv new model. 3rd party apps to change it to a game-like device. perhaps they'll add more services like Hulu or turn it into a game like device. Im sure in september the iPods will get a refresh and it will be interesting to see what the apple does with the nano. This year's nano was a step backwards from the previous year's nano removing allot of features in favor of a smaller design with a touch screen.I'm anxious to see if they either go with a little price point or if they add new features to it this year. Now on the content side it would be interesting to see if apple does something different with the iTunes service. There have been rumors now for a while about a subscription service you can pay one fee and then download as much music as you want as long as you're a subscriber or perhaps apple will do something a little different. There have also been rumors with a cloud type service where all of your songs are stored cloud network services instead of having to store them on your mac. So there's a look ahead to 2011, until next year this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    8 years ago

    Happy New Year Gary. Hope it’s Apple-tastic for you and yours.

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