MacMost Now 652: Looking Forward To 2012

What can we expect from Apple in 2012? Gary makes some predictions and criticizes some rumors.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now.
On todays episode let's look ahead to see what we can expect in 2012 from Apple.
So what can we expect from Apple now that we're in 2012.
Well Apple does update a lot of products on regular basis so we can kind of predict when new things will come out, and also there are a lot of rumors to look out as well.
Now, the iPad has come out in early spring, in both the last two years. So we can expect in early spring a iPad 3, perhaps in March. Some people are predicting it as early as February to coincide with Steve Jobs' birthday.
Now, what will be in an iPad 3? We don't really know at this point, perhaps a faster processor, maybe better cameras but as for completely new features it's pure speculation, we'll just have to wait and see.
There's also been a lot of rumors that Apple was going to launch a smaller iPad like a seven inch version, I don't see that happening either.
Apple has said many times over that they have the right size for a tablet and I think they've got it right.
A lot of the criticism some people with the smaller tablets have said simply the screen is too small.
So, I think Apple is going to stick with the current size for the iPad, but perhaps in the iPad 3 we'll see a "Retina Display" a higher resolution display, that will be fantastic for looking at video and photos.
Now, the iPhone has shifted from a middle of the summer update to a fall update. So we could probably expect sometime during summer and fall to have an iPhone 5.
And there are a lot of new features that could be in an iPhone.
A lot of people are predicting a complete new redesign perhaps even with a larger screen.
Although I kind of doubt it myself, as I know the screen now is designed to be very easy for you to reach everything with your thumbs. They make it a little bit bigger that won't be true anymore, so I'm not they'll go there.
But I'll bet you it'll be a little thinner, maybe have some sort of new design that we'll both see echoed maybe in some Macs and also on the iPad.
And most of the rumors right now deal with Apple coming out with a television, not with Apple TV, but and Apple TV-TV.
Maybe an LCD screen that has the Apple TV functionality built into it. Maybe some other things.
There's even some outrageous of it being voice-controlled or gesture-controlled, in the air with your hands. I kind of doubt these rumors, televisions are kind of strange because there are so many different sizes of them and Apple doesn't particularly like to come out with a huge variety of products.
So coming out with a, say a 55 inch TV and a 47 inch TV and a 32 inch TV, just doesn't seem Apple's style.
As to what would be in a TV, well you suppose that everything that you have now in the $99 Apple TV box, could be built into a television. And this would make it a pretty interesting standalone TV, and then just have basic input coming in from your cable box or satellite box. And you would have an interesting product but it's hard to see how it would be an advantage over just buying one of the many other brands of televisions that are out there. Apple would be entering a very crowded market.
Now, as far as Macs are concerned we can expect to see Apple updating some of the Mac lines this year, probably all of them, with newer processors.
The MacBook line looks like Apple is favoring the MacBook Air over the MacBook Pro specially as the main difference between them is the size due to using an SSD drive in the MacBook Air. So I could see the the smaller MacBook Pro as being discontinued in favor of simply having a MacBook Air at that size.
One big question is, what about the Mac Pro? The tower that Apple hasn't updated in quite a while, and it usually uses a slightly different processor, like the Xeon processor allowing you to stack up to eight cores into a machine. It doesn't look like Apple has that much interest in updating this and we may actually be seeing a Mac mini Pro. Or perhaps just these, largest, the 27 inch iMac being the high-end Mac.
If Apple doesn't update the Mac Pros early this year that probably is a sign that the tower is at end-of-life.
Now, as far as operating systems are concerned I don't see a successor to line materializing this year, maybe some early versions for developers. But we probably will get an iOS 6, with new features and updating it for the iPad and iPod touch and iPhone.
We'll probably also see a new iPod touch to bring that line, in-line with the iPhone and the iPad in terms of processor power and features.
So, what about Siri? Siri works great but it only really works with a few apps that are built into your iPhone. What about a way to communicate with third party apps? I could see that happening later this year, where developers get a chance to build-in Siri support, so you can talk to Siri and have it command one of your third party apps, as well as the built-in Apple ones.
So there's some guesses as to what we can expect in 2012 from Apple. If you've got any ideas and would like to make some predictions feel free to leave a comment at this post at
'Til next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

Comments: 22 Responses to “MacMost Now 652: Looking Forward To 2012”

    Brandon Huang
    7 years ago

    I think apple should work on 3D holographic technology

    7 years ago

    Discontinuing the Mac Pro would be the dumbest thing, Apple has done in quite a while. See, I work at a larger PR Company with costumers like Adidas or Puma. We just recently bought 100 Mac Pros for our grapic designers. That was quite an investment. And a lot of companys do it like that. They don’t bother buying high-end PC’s, they strictly go to the High-End Macs. And the Mac Pros are great in so many ways. We have a couple of IT-Guys in the Office who can repair them in no-time – repairing an iMac is quite complicated compared to the Mac Pro. Discontinuing would be a huge mistake.

      Johan-Martijn Flaton
      7 years ago

      And what about physical storage voor stand-alone stations? I’m currently working with 8Tb on a MacPro in a RAID configuration, and iCloud has not enough clout (yet) to replace that. Not to mention the array of videocards… But, hey, Apple already dropped those beautiful 30″ monitors, so the future of this flagship looks cloudy indeed.

    Luke Thomas
    7 years ago

    Happy New Year Gary! I appreciate every video you do!

    Luke Thomas
    7 years ago

    I expect less on the computer side. More on the iPad, iPhone. That sort of thing. It seems Apple is going less computer.

    Daniel Gartin
    7 years ago

    A 4G enabled iPhone maybe

    Masud Al Ferdous
    7 years ago

    What about iWork09. its been almost 3 years apple didn’t update this exclusive software. looking forward to get iWork12 with 3D animations tool in keynote and many more.

      7 years ago

      The three iWork apps have been broken out of the “suite” known as iWork and are now for sale individually in the Mac App Store. They have all been updated somewhat since. I don’t think we’ll ever see another iWork (or iLife) “suite” since Apple isn’t selling software on physical media anymore. We’ll just see updates to those three apps individually from time-to-time.

    Bruce G
    7 years ago

    How about Siri on the iPad and iPod Touch? BTW Gary, as Luke said, I appreciate all your efforts. Your screencasts are the best! Wishing you a great 2012!

    Alex DW
    7 years ago

    Best wishes for the new year everyone.
    IMHO the only technology breakthrough in 2011 was Siri and as Apple is used to making new concepts and ideas popular, especially in terms of user interface, I could easily imagine it more present at all levels, including the Macs. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually talk to your desktop, laptop or iPad as well?

      7 years ago

      I don’t agree that Siri was the only, or even the biggest breakthrough. The Mac App store quickly changed the landscape of Mac software and will probably change how even Windows software is delivered (Windows 8 App Marketplace).
      As for Siri, people don’t realize how much it is dependent on a constant net connection and constant location acquisition. iPads and iPod touches that are using wifi are often not connected to the net and Siri won’t work without that. And many Siri features don’t work without knowing your location.

    Russell S
    7 years ago

    I am up for a new MacBook Pro. When would the updates typically come out? I don’t want to buy one and have the updates come out weeks later! Thanks for any info.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7 years ago

    I wished i had got a computer when i was much younger. I am 63yrs old now,and i must confess i would not buy anything else but a computer. I am finding the iMac hard in certain are`s,because i have found when you get older it`s so hard to concentrate. Quite a lot of times i just go blank,just to sign into my email.

    Jenny T.
    7 years ago

    If Apple does come out with a TV, the one thing it could revolutionize is the user-interface and remote. So many TVs are out there, sure, but very few (if any) have a friendly, intuitive way to navigate through the functions. Apple could do to the TV what it did with the smartphone.

      G Tyler
      7 years ago

      You don’t really use your TV functions that often. What Apple needs to do is integrate the cable box and streaming functions into the TV. Google tried this and failed because they made it too complicated. Plus, their ‘integration’ to the cable box was pretty lame. They should have supported the multi-stream cable card. Using Siri to search for content to watch on your TV sounds like a great idea to me. Connecting a hard drive directly to my TV so it becomes a DVR and works with my FIOS service sounds even better. Gary – the popular TV sizes are 42, 50, and 55. I don’t think they need to go beyond that at the start. As for crowded market? Well, they’re still in the laptop business.

    Johnny Robish
    7 years ago

    I am still hoping that somehow Apple will decide that updating iWeb is a smart thing. All the others, including and especially WordPress are simply difficult and crap compared to how intuitive iWeb is. So sad.

    7 years ago

    I hear a lot of complaints about Siri, but I think the trick is getting it set up right. One upgrade to it, I’d like to see is for it to allow voice control over settings (i.e. “set my phone to vibrate only when I get to work”) Also, a little work on location based reminders would be nice. Particularly in the area of more accurate geo-fences. Thanks for the videos you do, Gary. They are very helpful and well done!

    Graeme Ingram
    7 years ago

    I am in the process of upgrading my laptop.
    I generally use my laptop 95% of the time to cruise the internet and check my emails.
    Would an Ipad do the job or am I better to go for a Mac Air ?

    Cheers Graeme

      7 years ago

      It really depends on the specifics of what you need to do. An iPad can probably be used if all you really do is email and browse web pages. But it is a gamble to try it. That other 5% of the time may involve something that an iPad can’t do. You just have to weigh your options.

    Johan-Martijn Flaton
    7 years ago

    Keep up the good works, Gary, and a Happy Innovative New Year as well!

    7 years ago

    I hope nothing will happen to the MacBook Pro!

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