MacMost Now 878: Looking Forward To iOS 7

The next version of iOS seems to be a big leap forward in looks and features. In addition to a whole new look for many of the primary apps, we'll see new features in Photos, Camera, Weather, Safari and other apps. You will be able to access iCloud Keychain password, have better compatibly with future cars, and be able to share files with nearby iOS users without a network. iOS 7 will come out this fall, most likely at the same time as a new iPhone or iPad.

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    11 years ago

    Will AirDrop work between an iOS device and Mac with AirDrop capability?

      11 years ago

      Hard to say at this point. The problem would be that Mac uses a file system -- all files go into folders and you can see everything. iOS doesn't have a file system. Each app has its own document space. So sending a Pages document to iOS should put it in the Pages app document space, but what happens when you send a document that doesn't have a corresponding app on iOS? Be interesting to see if and if so, how, Apple deals with the major file handling differences between the two OSes.

    Richard Greene
    11 years ago

    Like the features. Hate the sissy look of iOS7.

      Allan Zhang
      11 years ago


    11 years ago

    Garry, will all features on ios 7 be available on all devices. It's just that I heard air drop won't be available on the iPad 3rd gen.

      11 years ago

      Right AirDrop uses device-to-device connections that require wifi "sideband" ability. That's built into the hardware. So some older devices just don't have it. Same for Macs and AirDrop.

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