Mac Basics: How To Launch Apps

There are many different ways you can launch apps on your Mac. You can use the Dock, LaunchPad, Spotlight. But it is also important to understand where the apps are actually located. There are also other ways like double-clicking a document or switching to an already-running app.

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    Loren Sims
    3 years ago

    On System 7 we always went to the Applications folder to find the app we wanted to run. A power user tip was to put an alias to the app in the Apple menu. We had all our main apps in that handy drop down menu, also a link to the Applications folder for anything else.
    With Mac OS X I came to see the Dock as the replacement for the Apple menu.
    In Snow Leopard the Applications folder is already in the Dock.
    Now I use "Recent Applications" for my hot apps and LaunchPad for everything else.

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