MacMost Now 914: Mac Calendar Time Zones

When setting up and event in Calendar, you would normally assign a time. But what if you travel between time zones? You'll need to enable Calendar's time zone support feature. Then you need to consider questions like, do you set the event for the current time zone, or the one where you will be when the event takes place?

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    Kerry Millerick
    11 years ago

    On a long cruise, I will be constantly sailing between time zones. How do I set an appointment that will be *independent* of time zones? (Example: "5pm next Thursday" regardless of what time zone I am in?)

      11 years ago

      See the video. I believe that "floating" time zone will be what you want. But it should be easy to test.

    11 years ago

    Hey Gary,
    looks like there is something wrong with the settings or so in the video. In my calendar, all the dates and times are shown in the timezone I select in the upper right corner, which makes sense. Floating means, that no matter where you are, the time will not change. E.g. you want to make an exercise every evening at 10pm in the timezone you are in that moment.

      11 years ago

      Right. Not sure what you mean by "there is something wrong" -- this is essentially what I am showing.

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