Mac Context-Based Siri Reminders

With Sierra you can easily ask Siri to set reminders. If you want Siri to remind you of an email, event, contact, message or webpage, you can use the word 'this' to have Siri create a reminder with a link to that content. This can be very useful to remind yourself to get back to something later in the day.

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    3 years ago

    This is awesome; thank you for sharing this!!

    Ron Londner
    3 years ago

    Great post as always. Will this work only in a Mac computer or can I use it in an iPad/iPhone device?

    Jim Bakker
    3 years ago

    When I ask Siri to remind me about an email, she doesn’t recognize the word “this”. She asks me to tell her what I want to be reminded about.

    3 years ago

    Ron: Try it. I just did. Seemed to work for email, but not webpages.

    3 years ago

    Jim: Make sure your Mac Mail is the active app and the message is the active window. Even then, I do find it sometimes seems to fail to recognize that it is the email I am referring to, especially after switching users or launching and quitting a lot of apps. Hopefully Apple will continue to improve this.

    Tom Gonser
    3 years ago

    Great idea, but seems spotty. For me it worked with a web page, but when trying it with an open/active email, Siri responds “sorry I can’t remind you about the app” Maybe this is still a work in progress…?

    Trina Stroope
    2 years ago

    This is a great thing – however, I find that it does not always work well – hope they fix this because I LOVE this, but never works consistently. Sometimes it picks up the calendar event that is opened, or the contact that is opened and other times it does not.

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