Mac Language, Region and Input Sources Settings

Learn how to set and add languages to your Mac so you can see different apps with different Language settings. Find out how to change things like number separators and date formats using the Region settings. Use Input Sources to change how your keyboard works.

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    12 months ago

    Settings: the primary language is US. Added Hungarian keyboard as an additional input source. "Hungarian" is set as a secondary language in "Language and Region". Region is set to US. However, on startup, the HU input source is displayed as default. In the language settings, I'm missing the option to click "Apply to Login Window". According to Apple support,
    "Note: If the Settings pop-up menu doesnā€™t appear, it means the login window is already set to use the primary language."
    I'm lost. :(

    12 months ago

    Lujza: the next step I would try is Apple Support.

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