MacMost Now 55: Mac Screencast Software

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at seven pieces of software that capture video from your screen actions.

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    16 years ago

    Jing is also one grate app for screen casting that does video and sound at the same time, and it is super easy for use and therefor great for beginners. It is also free at the moment, and available at

    15 years ago

    I am using Jing. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to upload Hi-res video to Youtube...

    15 years ago

    Rodrigo: You can't. You upload to their free service, not YouTube. However, the new premium version of Jing has a YouTube upload.

    15 years ago

    Hello, which software would you recommend to record a screenshot video and format it to later burn a dvd with good to best quality? I tried Snapz pro X but when burning the dvd the resolution makes it poor quality.


      15 years ago

      If you own Snapz Pro already, then use that. The format is something you set. So use a higher resolution and better frame rate, etc.

    14 years ago

    mmm...i use Macvide ScreenCap for screen capture

    14 years ago

    I have a dumb question -- and I know it's dumb so feel free to laugh at me.

    I got Final Cut pro from my wife for Christmas and haven't yet learned it. Before I buy a screen cap software package, I want to make sure I don't already have one in Final Cut. You wouldn't happen to know the answer off the top of your head to that one, would you?

      14 years ago

      You can now use QuickTime X for screen captures in Snow Leopard. But these other applications offer ease-of-use and other features.

    12 years ago

    Have you had a chance to look at Camtasia for Mac? I'm curious how it stacks up against Screen Flow.

      12 years ago

      No, I haven't. They are competing head-to-head now, so I'm sure they have similar features.

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