Club MacMost Exclusive: Mac Storage Shortcut Idea

I was thinking that I could take today's video about 20 places to look to clean up your Mac and turn it into a Shortcut. Then you can just run that Shortcut and it will tell you how much space is being used by these things. Here is where I'm at so far, with three of those items in the Shortcut. Here's some of that code. You can use it in the Terminal as well as in Shortcuts. I'm hoping this works out and I can turn this into a tutorial and share the final Shortcut. du -sh '~/Movies/TV/Media.localized/Home Videos' | cut -f1 du -sch '~/Movies/TV/Media.localized/Movies' '~/Movies/TV/Media.localized/Downloads-TV' | tail -n1 | cut -f1 du -sch '/Library/Application Support/GarageBand' '/Library/Application Support/Logic' '/Library/Audio/Apple Loops' '/Library/Audio/Apple Loops Index' | tail -n1 | cut -f1

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