Mac Text Selection Tips

Most people use a click and drag action to select text. But you can also use a variety of other techniques that work better in many situations. You can click once to define the start position and then again to define the end of a selection. You can select by word or line. You can also select everything with a simple keyboard shortcut. There are even more obscure ways to select text.

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    9 years ago

    Outstanding tips. I do a lot of text selection, copy & paste. Never knew these shortcuts were available. Thanks Gary.

    9 years ago

    command select for getting a lot of pieces selected is very helpful (in finder, too)

    Wendy Farkas
    9 years ago

    The OPTION select is very useful when selecting specific columns of text.

    9 years ago

    Such useful tips!! I can see me using these VERY often, especially the double and triple clicks - so quick! Many thanks once again Gary! Best wishes.

    Dinorah Costa
    9 years ago

    I noticed your cursor is a circle. How did you get that?

      9 years ago

      That happens automatically when you record with QuickTime Player.

    9 years ago

    Not sure when I started watching guru Gary (his new title,lol). Most of you won't remember an 8088, but that's when I started with the PC. Changed over to Mac 6 years ago. Many of the apps/functions I had never opened. But with the GURU my Mac is now getting a lot more use. Having revamped my 'writing' efforts this one video will save a lot of time. Thanks Gary.

    9 years ago

    Thanks for your tutorials! They are always helpful. Is there a way to select multiple words scattered throughout a document in pages at the same time like in MS Word?

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