MacMost Live: Create a Montage Video In iMovie

Learn how to take a series of video clips and build a fun montage video to post of social media or share with friends. In this special live episode, watch Gary experiment and build a video piece by piece.
Video transcript available soon.

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    Brian from Scotland
    4 years ago

    Great insight into your workflow. And the features of iMovie. First class tutorial. Hopefully you'll use it for other topics. (Amazed that it lasted an hour as the time passed so quickly!)

    4 years ago

    Thanks ... learned a few more tricks on iMovie

    Ken VIgnona
    4 years ago

    Even though I wasn't able to watch the class live, I thought it was an excellent. It was nice to see how other people put together their own iMovies. It was great to see that you cut each clip to only a second or so. Sometimes I notice my movies become a bit too long. One quick question, when I begin each project I wait to load my entire photos library to be added to my media. Do you do through the photos app and drag each photo/video to desktop and then add to media?

    4 years ago

    Ken: I happened to have these clips as files, not in my Photos library. But if they were in Photos, I would have taken them directly from Photos.

    Margot Wilmshurst
    4 years ago

    I loved seeing how this was done. With my limited knowledge I just might try doing such a clip. On my bucket list. Thanks Gary.

    Ken Vignona
    4 years ago

    Are we able to get photos and videos from iPhone, downloaded onto the computer without importing them into the Photos app. Sometime I take photos/videos for a project that I know I will not want to keep after project is complete?

    4 years ago

    Ken: Sure. So you are not using iCloud Photos? Use the Image Capture app on your Mac to do it then.

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