MacMost Podcast 10/10/07

In MacMost episode 27 we report on Half Life 2 for Mac, Bungie’s split from Microsoft, iPod Nano and Classic updates, George Harrison’s addition to iTunes and new iPhone commercials. Gary updates his unlocked iPhone. In our Quick Tip we show you how to enlarge the cursor. In our Podcast Salad segment we feature Squigglebooth and our Must Download is Graphic Converter. For MacMost Loot we ask, “What was the name of the program that caused flying toasters to dance across the screen on early Macs?”

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    17 years ago

    Hey Molly! Great show. Sorry it took me so long to get around to watching it. But now I am a believer and I am subscribed. See you at the next Gnomedex of NME.



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