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iTunes 9 shows a full circle next to a podcast you haven’t listened to or watched. It shows no circle only if you have listed to the whole thing, including closing credits that you may skip. Otherwise it shows a half circle. But if you want to force the circle to go away, Ctrl+Click or Right Click on a podcast episode in iTunes and choose “Mark as Watched.” This is also useful if you have set only unwatched podcasts to sync with your iPod or iPhone and you want to make sure old episodes don’t sync.

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    10 years ago


    Big fan of your show. I do have iTunes 9.02 set to delete “watched” videos.

    But here’s the thing. Often after I’ve watched something on my iPhone, iTunes shows the items as partially watched (half circle) – even if I’ve watched the video to the bitter end. (Often I try to skip end credits by dragging the slider as close as I can to the end – you can’t get it all the way there – and then watching the last few seconds. But this doesn’t help.)

    Any way to “mark as watched” *from* the iPhone itself?

    I’d be happy to just delete the video – but when I do iTunes happily resyncs it back onto the phone, which is obviously not what I want.



      10 years ago

      Sounds like. Report it to Apple if you like and hopefully it will be fixed in a future release of either the iPhone or iTunes (
      I wish they would give us more options on things like this. I usually select to have only the most recent podcasts sync, that way they stay on my iPhone in case I want to refer to them again in the next day or two, and they will disappear when they are too old as well.

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