Merge All Safari Windows

If you ever find yourself with too many Safari windows open, you can merge them all into one tabbed window by selecting Window, Merge All Windows. The window currently at the front will remain, and all tabs of all other windows will become tabs of that window. This is especially useful if you run into a lot of sites that pop open new windows when you click links.

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    Dawn McCreary
    11/6/09 @ 1:30 pm

    How do you merge windows in Safari?? Can’t figure it out. Please help.

      11/6/09 @ 3:59 pm

      Which part are you having trouble with?

        Dawn McCreary
        11/19/09 @ 12:38 pm

        I can’t figure out where tab is to merge windows. What am I missing??

          11/19/09 @ 12:59 pm

          In the menu bar at the top of the screen. Look for the Window menu. In that menu, look for the item “Merge All Windows.”

    5/24/11 @ 7:22 pm


    I’m having a problem with the “merge all windows” command. For example I have 38 windows open for a total of 91 tabs. I say “merge all windows”. And when I want to “bookmark all tabs”, apparently there are only 86 tabs open. I try it again and I have 87 tabs open**. So there are tabs disappearing, and the amount isn’t always the same.

    [On a general note, I also have to say “merge all tabs” several times before ALL windows are as tabs in one single window. Probably this happens when there are lots of windows and tabs open, and this happens less frequently when there are fewer windows and tabs open?]

    (** to avoid confusion, here’s what I do: I quit Safari while having 38 windows and 91 tabs open. I duplicate the lastsession.plist file. I open Safari again, “reopen all windows from last session”, and try merging the windows (and noticing that in the end some tabs have disappeared.) I quit safari again, I trash the lastsession.plist file, and rename the duplicate as ‘lastsession.plist’. I open Safari, say “reopen all windows from last session”, and when all windows are loaded, say “merge all windows”. Eventually again the tab number is lower than it should be, and different from my first try.)

    So the problem is, certain tabs disappear, AND it’s not necessarily always the same windows and/or the same number of windows disappearing. I need to be able to trust this command so I do not lose tabs.

    Any idea what might be going wrong here?


      5/24/11 @ 8:13 pm

      91 tabs! Wow. That’s a ton. If I get up to 7 or 8 tabs I feel it is too much. Why would you need 91 tabs open? How would you keep mental track of all of that? Why would you need to be looking at 91 different web pages at the same time?
      My guess is that the Merge All Windows function just isn’t up to the task.

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