MacMost Now 145: Microsoft Sync Connects iPod and Car

Gary Rosenzweig talks to Dan Gray from about the Microsoft Sync system put into many Ford cars. It allows you to connect your iPod or iPhone to your car through the dock and play your music through the car as well as control it with your dash, steering wheel or voice commands.

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    Nick Holt
    15 years ago

    I have also tested it with the iphone thru bluetooth, so there's no wires involved. You still get the steering wheel control and voice commands, but your iphone can just sit in a cupholder without any wires. very impressive!

    Jack Campbell
    14 years ago

    Well i got the iphone 3gs and bluetooth only syncs voice even not the song info, maybe there is a way to modify

    12 years ago

    What kind of cord do you need to make the ipod work with a 2009 Ford Escape sync radio?

      12 years ago

      Not sure. If you have one, I would check the one end in your car, and I would assume the other end would be an iPod dock cable. I would check the manual that came with your car/sync radio as I'm sure it details things there.

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