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Before Lion, you could drag and drop to move a file, and you could copy and paste a file from one location to another — leaving two copies of the file. But in Lion you can copy a file, and then use Command+Option+V to move the copied item to another location. The result is what you would expect from Cut and Paste, but you make the decision in the final action instead of the first one.

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    Greg William Griffiths
    11 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for the tips as always - great stuff! I see the copy-paste/move option works for files, however, it doesn't seem to work with individual words or characters within an app. e.g. within Contacts. Is this a limitation to files only or am I missing something? Thanks!

      11 years ago

      It should work for text in all apps. Try it in TextEdit, Mail, etc.
      By Contacts, do you mean the Address Book app?
      I just tried some copying in there and it seems to work fine.

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