New Apple TV Shows May Be Free For Apple Device Owners

A new article from CNBC may answer the question of what Apple is going to change for their new TV network content next year. It could simply be free, an added incentive to purchase an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone instead of the competition.

This is already true of the existing Apple-produced content, such as Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps. The question is whether a one-time payment of $179 is enough to support this kind of content.

Comments: 3 Responses to “New Apple TV Shows May Be Free For Apple Device Owners”

    David Schleger
    10 months ago

    What about those loyal customers that have this item in the past……….several times just to keep up with the new product. This makes me think twice about new purchases

    10 months ago

    David: I don’t understand what you are saying. What do you mean by “this item.” It seems like this idea rewards loyal customers as if you already own an Apple TV then you are all set to get these shows for no additional cost.

    stan chaz
    10 months ago

    The only thing “free” about Apple is the freedom with which they jack up their prices.

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