New Features Of the Notes App

The Notes app in El Capitan adds all sorts of new features such as checklists, styles and attachments. You can import photos, documents and other files into a note. You can even add web and map links. A new media browser in Notes allows you to view all of the items attached to all of your notes.
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Hi, this is Gary with On this episode let's look at all the new features in the Notes app in El Capitan.

There are a lot of new things you can do in the Notes app. For instance in the past you may have used the Notes app, like I have, for creating lists. Now you can actually turn that list into checklists with this button here and it actually puts these circles and you can even check things off.

This is all compatible across iCloud. This is an iCloud Notes file here so it will show up on my iPhone as a checklist here and the checks will actually synchronize. So I can do that and I can add new items to it as well. So the checklist thing is very useful.

You also have lots of style options. You can use this button here and it's kind of giving you some basic styles that you can use to make things look a little more interesting.

You can also insert lots of different things in here. You can do a simple drag and drop. So here is a photo on my desktop and I can drag that in here and I've got a photo now inside of this note. I can add multiple photos into it. I can also even drag things like audio files and video files. That will work as well.

It also works to drag links from Safari. So here I've got a webpage open in Safari. I can grab that webpage, there we go, drag it in and now I have this link that I've created here that will take me back to that page when I click on it.

Now instead of dragging and dropping from a file you can also hit this button here to bring up a media browser and I've got the Photos app here which is the only one that shows up for me but I can search and I can look in my Collections or Moments, things like that, and when I find a photo I want I can drag it from there.

So I can combine items from the Finder and from Photos and from anything else I drag in. There is even a way to bring the Maps link in. So here I'm going to just to go Maps and once I'm here I can click on something just to take a look at the information for it. Then if I hit the Share button I can share in Notes. I can create a new note or I can choose the note, save it, and now if I go into there I can see it has added this link here to the Maps app with an address for that.

So I've got all this stuff in here in a note. If I want to browse through all the media in my Notes I can simple hit this button here and it will show me these little categories. Here's all the Photos & Videos, here are Map links, any website links I've add, any Audio I've added, and Documents. You can drag just regular documents into Notes as well.

Sketches, that's for things on iOS devices. In iOS 9 you can actually sketch using your fingertip and add sketches into Notes. You can't do that on the Mac but the sketches you do on iOS 9 will show up in Notes and then you can view them all here.

So this is kind of a way to gather together all the media you've added in the Notes app.

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for the Notes review. Do you know if there is a way to send emails to Notes like I can in Evernote Premium? I often get Tripit flight confirmation emails and would like to just forward that email into the Notes app. A workaround I’m using now is to print the emails as PDF’s and drag into Notes.


      4 years ago

      You could just drag and drop the email into a Note. But that only gives you a link. I usually just flag emails like these and look in my Flagged “folder” for them.

    4 years ago

    thanks for the notes overview. it’s such a handy feature, i’ve always used notes and calendar instead of reminders, so i’m glad apple gave us more features!
    i’ve run into a problem where notes created on iOS 9.0.2 is no longer syncing w/ OS X. do you know of a work around to force this this?

      4 years ago

      Hard to say without a firsthand look. Are you sure those notes are stored in iCloud? They could be notes that are local to your device, or even notes stored with another service, like Google.

    Jan E. Wille
    4 years ago

    Hi. Is there a way to sort or change order of notes within same folder?. I thought it automatically sorted by title or first line in each note, but it doesn’t.

      4 years ago

      It automatically sorts by modified date. So the most recently modified is at the top.

        Jan Præst
        3 years ago

        Before you could sort by title (alfabethic). Is that gone for good or do you think it will return again. It’s a very usable sorting I think.

    3 years ago

    Should you have the same features on your ipad?

      3 years ago

      More or less. Try it. If you are using iOS 9, you should have checklists, attachments, and also sketching.

    Linda Lyn
    3 years ago

    Thank you For showed all the nice things can get down EI Captain

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