MacMost Now 91: New iPhone 3G and MobileMe

Gary Rosenzweig runs down the keynote announcements from the WWDC: A new 3G iPhone with GPS, and the MobileMe service replaces .Mac.

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    16 years ago

    Um, something went terribly wrong in the RSS feed. If I click on the image that says, "Click to play" it downloads the FLV file. Which is nice for me, but, probably not nice for other people.Ā 

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    16 years ago

    MacTipper: What Podcatcher are you using? The RSS looks fine, with both the mp4 and flv in there as usual. Tried it with iTunes just now and it downloads the mp4 as usual.

    16 years ago

    Gary you have your facts wrong, very very misleading. You said that the iPhone will be released in China on July 11, but the stupid communists in China aren't having abit of it. They make the iPhone but won't sell.

    Just trying to help you out with your show.

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