New iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple Watch Series 4

Apple announced a new line of iPhones today, building on last year's iPhone X. The new iPhone XS is the successor to the iPhone X, and a new iPhone XS Max is a larger-screen version. A new iPhone XR is a LCD-screen budget model. In addition, Apple announced a new Apple Watch Series 4 with a slight redesign and new features. Release dates for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave were set for later this month.

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    Michael Fisk
    6 years ago

    I'll cut to most important and best product NEW product in the batch. The watch!
    No doubt in my mind. Baby Boomers will deplete the 1st supply and give there earlier models to there loved ones which boom will increase more interest in the series 4 model down the road. Think I'm wrong. Have your own opinion or comment? Please let me know I'd love to hear from you! *Gary ~ permission granted to publish my email if you will. It's secure!


    6 years ago

    Hi Gary - does the iPhone XR have the dual SIM technology? Or is that only available on the XS models.

    6 years ago

    Rod: Apple's Tech Specs page for the XR clearly states "Dual SIM (nano-SIM and eSIM)" but Apple's page about Dual SIM ( only mentions the XS and Max. So you may want to wait until the XR arrives and then go see for yourself.

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