MacMost Now 250: New MacBook Pros, iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 3GS

At the WWDC today, Apple announced new MacBook Pro models, more details about Snow Leopard, the release date of the iPhone OS 3.0 and a new iPhone 3GS with a video camera.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. Well time to sum up all the new announcements from the apple worldwide developers conference.
For this morning, I got a ton of new announcements as Phil Schiller delivered the keynote at the worldwide developers conference. They announced new MacBooks, they gave us some information about the upcoming release of snow leopard, they told us about iPhone OS 3.0, and also about new iPhones.
So the most interesting thing about the new MacBook pros is that there is a lot of them. This is because the thirteen inch MacBooks are now MacBook Pros. They now not only have new screens and a SD card slot, but also a FireWire 800.
All the MacBook Pros seem to now have these SD card slots in them and they got a little bit better specs as well.
So new for the fifteen inch MacBook Pros is the built-in battery. This is going to be a 7-hour battery with a 5-year life.
In addition, there is all new prices. At the low end, you got the 13-inch MacBook Pro for $1199. At the high end for the 15-inch, you got $2299, which includes a solid state drive. And you also have a cheaper $2500 17-inch MacBook Pro.
There are also going to be new MacBook Airs with the low end model being $1499 and a $1799 model that include solid state drive.
There is also of course talk about Snow Leopard. We now know its price and release date. For most people, Snow Leopard is going to cost 29 dollars. Thats as an upgrade for people who already have a leopard. If by chance you have an intel machine and its tiger its probably going to cost you some more, we'll find out more about that later.
In addition, its going to come out some time in September. Their actual talk was about the new features like how it will be faster, things like that. And we already knew most of this, but what we didn't know was that Safari 4, a kind of feature of Snow Leopard, is actually going to be release today. It will be out for people who use leopard, tiger, and even Safari Windows users.
We also found out a lot more about iPhone OS 3.0. So this is the third major release of the iPhone OS, and it looks like its coming out really soon, June 17. It will be free for iPhone users and it will cost 10 bucks for iPod Touch users. This includes all the features that we already knew about. Things like copy and paste, the ability for apps to do things like communicate with external hardware, stuff like that.
Two interesting things we found out is that Safari on the iPhone with iPhone OS 3.0 will support html 5. This allows for a lot of in interactive activity and rich media that we didn't have before. Another interesting thing is that the iPhone will easily support tethering to your Mac. However, it has to be supported by your phone company. And unfortunately, AT&T in the US is not going to support it.
And of course the most anticipated announcement of the keynote was of a new iphone. It's going to be called the iPhone 3GS, the S is for speed. Even though it has the same floor factor, it's going to have very different parts inside thats going to speed up just about every part of your iPhone experience. And also, its going to have a new camera. Its going to have a 3 megapixel camera with lots of cool features including auto focus and things like that. Most importantly, its going to be able to record a video. And there will be a video recording app that will allow you to record a video and even edit it on your iPhone. You'll be able to upload to Mobile Me, You Tube, and even send it via MMS when MMS becomes available later as AT&T offers it sometime later this summer according to the keynote.
Two other cool new features: voice control so you can do voice dialing and control other things on the phone, and also a compass. This will help with directions, especially with some of the anticipated turn by turn direction apps coming out.
Prices are going to remain pretty close to the same. 200 bucks is going to get you a 16 gig version, 300 bucks will get you a 32 gig version.
In an interesting move, they're still going to sell the iPhone 3G in an 8gig version for only 99 dollars.
And the all important ship date for this new iPhone 3GS will be June 19. It's going to ship of course with the phone 3.0 OS already installed.
So that wraps it up for todays announcements. You can always continue to follow the news at MacMost. com in the sidebar and also on out top news page you can go ahead and look there for more news that comes out this week either from apple or from third parties at the worldwide developers conference.
So next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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