New Rumors: 16-inch MacBook Pro, 6K Display, iPod Touch, New iPhones and iPads

The renown financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is speculating once again and the rumors sites are eating it up. Two far-fetched rumors have Apple re-entering two markets it has left: large laptops and desktop displays. A new MacBook Pro with a display as large as 16.5-inches could be Apple’s largest laptop since it stopped making the 17-inch model in 2012. A 31.6-inch 6K display could come out later this year, possibly to be used by a future Mac Pro. However, 5K displays have been out for a while they are hard to find as most people opt for the much more reasonable-priced 4K displays.

More reasonable predictions include new iPhones with larger batteries that can wirelessly charge other, small devices. In addition, there is a possibly of new iPad models and the first new iPod Touch in many years.