Notes Collaboration in macOS Sierra

A new feature in macOS Sierra and iOS 10 is the ability to collaborate with more than one person in the Notes app. You can create a note and then add other Apple IDs to share the note with. Each person can add and edit the note in real time, or as an ongoing collaboration.
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Hi, this is Gary with In this episode let me show you how to use the new Collaboration feature in the Notes app in Mac OS Sierra and iOS 10.

So a great new feature available in both Mac OS Sierra and iOS 10 is the ability to use the Notes app and collaborate with one or more people on the same note.

I've created a new note here just by hitting the New Note button and I can start the note. At any time I want I can hit this button here to add people to the note. When I do so I get this screen here and I can choose how I want to invite them. So I can do it by an email message, a text message. I can just copy the link. I can send by social network. I can even use AirDrop to do it.

So now let's go and add somebody to the note. I'm going to add another iPad I've got running with another demo account to this note. Okay, so I'm going to use AirDrop here. I'm going to put the Apple ID for this other account right there. I'm going to hit Share.

I'm going to see, after I select by AirDrop, this invitation here. I'm going to accept it and it's going to take a second to setup. I get the chance to go right into Notes there and then the note will appear. I'll hit Done here on my Mac and I can see my note.

So now I'm looking at on the Mac here and I'm going to add another line. Then you can see on my iPad that other line is going to appear. I'll even see a brief highlight there just to let me know something new has been added. On the iPad I can add something as well and you can see it updates there on my Mac.

We can edit as well. We don't just have to add things. So I can say, um, add a line here and you can see it's going to edit and change that on the iPad.

At any time I want I can click here and add even more people to the note. So I can add more. I'm not sure what the limit is but you can add several people. So, for instance, at a meeting you can all keep group notes together or you and several people from your team at a meeting can keep group notes. You don't have to do this live. Of course, you can simply have this note shared and continue to log in every once in a while to add things to it. Everybody can kind of collaborate in the long term on a single note as well.

You can go back into this list as well and revoke access to somebody. So, for instance, you can remove access for this other person here. I can't do that for myself of course. I can just hit Stop Sharing and stop sharing with everybody as well. You can, of course, lock a note and if you try and delete a note it's deleted across all the devices.

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    3 years ago

    Wow, very useful for meetings, wish we could do the same with other software like excel or so. I hope an app comes as an extension for other softwares… Now for web meetings, can we do it through Internet? Say, we have a webex meeting and want to share agenda and we all writes notes..

    3 years ago

    Matt: this works over the Internet, yes. You don’t have to be in the same room so you can do this from the other side of the world if you have a good connection. The new Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps also do this too.

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