Numbers Charts With Non-Consecutive Data

Sometimes you have non-consecutive data in Numbers that you wish to chart. For instance, you may have skipped dates or large gaps in time. However, you want to graph the data with a consistent timeline at the bottom of the graph even if all of the dates are not represented. Here is one method for doing that, using a second hidden table that is automatically populated from the main table.

Here is the Numbers file if you would like to play around with it yourself:

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    8 years ago

    Great tip. Too bad that this ability is not built in, since people have to do this all the time. Is there an easier way in Excel?

    8 years ago

    Antrim: Not sure if Excel will just automatically do this. But Google Docs spreadsheets will automatically space the dates on charts.

    8 years ago

    Gary...brilliant! You are so clever.

    8 years ago

    Maybe I didn't get the problem yet, but why don't you use the built in scatter diagram type, where you have one column for the horizontal (x) axis and another one for vertical (y) axis?

    8 years ago

    Dorit: Scatter charts show two sets of data. You can't use them to show a single set of data with two dimensions (value and date). They just can't be used in this way.

    Eran Livne
    8 years ago

    Brilliant, thanks for the tips.

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