On Sale: The Video Guide To Mavericks

We’ve put our tutorial app on sale through this weekend! 40% off to celebrate the new year. This Mac app includes 25 videos with more than 2 hours of instruction. It is a great way for beginners to get to know Mac OS X Mavericks, and for casual users to dig deeper into the features. The videos are unique, not something that can be found anywhere else. The app lets you jump easily from video to video and you can resize the window for better viewing, even going full screen.

Even if you are proficient in using OS X, you may want to consider recommending this to friends as a good way to jump in and learn more.
Here’s a complete table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What’s New In Mavericks
  • Getting Around
  • Working With Files
  • Using Finder Windows
  • Where Files Are Stored
  • Storing Documents In iCloud
  • Using the Dock
  • Installing and Running Apps
  • Using Mission Control
  • Sharing Files Between Computers
  • Working With Text
  • Versions, Autosave and Resume
  • Browsing the Web
  • Reading and Composing Email
  • Playing Media With iTunes
  • Working With Contacts
  • Creating Calendar Events
  • Reminders and Notes
  • Messages and FaceTime
  • Using Preview
  • Customizing Your Mac
  • Notifications
  • Creating Multiple Users
  • Using Gestures
  • Maintaining Your Mac
  • Advanced Tips