Online Course: The Practical Guide to Mac Security

The Practical Guide to Mac Security is a FREE course with 24 lessons that will enable the typical home and office Mac user to secure their Mac from dangers like malware, online account break-ins, data loss, and online scams.

The course includes a free e-book of the same name with even more information and details. This is the second edition of my book The Practical Guide to Mac Security, updated for 2017.

This course is meant for casual Mac users who use their Macs at home or in the office. The lessons will allow you to secure your own Mac without needing to understand complicated computer techniques. It is an everyday guide for everyday Mac users.

Want to know more? You can read about the course, check out sample videos, and see a complete table of contents at the special coupon link below.

Get the course for FREE!

Why is the course free? I (Gary) think that it is very important that every Mac user know the basics of how to keep their Macs safe and stay safe online. I think it is so important that I have decided to make this course completely free so no one has an excuse not to learn about Mac security and Internet safety.

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Comments: 6 Responses to “Online Course: The Practical Guide to Mac Security”

    Joseph Clotworthy
    7 years ago

    The link does not connect to the "free course" that is promised in the above text.

    7 years ago

    Joseph: There are two links to the course in that article, the image and the large link. Both seem to go to the proper course.

    Barry Standley
    7 years ago

    Just wanted to say THANKS for making this available at no cost.

    Jim Guidry
    7 years ago

    Is there a similar course for MacBook Pro? Or does this course apply to both?

    7 years ago

    Jim: this is for all Macs

    Albert Katz
    7 years ago

    I have studied the entire course three times and saved the book. It is an excellent resource for every type of computer safety and security. I like how each video is short and to the point. No frills, just solid information. Thank you!

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