MacMost Now 16: Our 2008 Apple Wish List

Gary Rosenzweig lists 5 items he'd like Apple to give the community as gifts in 2008.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Hello, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. So a lot of us are getting present right about now. The question is, what presents would we all like from Apple in the coming year? Let's take a look at some of the things I think we should all get.
A lot of people predict at MacWorld we're gonna hear about some sort of ultra-portable Mac, or perhaps a tablet Mac. I'd love to see a cool little tablet, something that really is a successor to the Newton, but it runs Mac OsX just like a regular laptop, maybe with a little bit of iPhone functionality built into it like maybe Wi-Fi and 3G built in so you can connect anywhere you go. I'd love to see a lightweight device like this that actually doesn't even have a keyboard but has USB ports so you can plug your keyboard in if you want to.
My next wish is for a better Apple TV. I love the Apply TV, but it's not practical enough for me to actually have one at home, I just have one here at the office. Now if all they did was simply added a DVD drive in it, then suddenly it could replace my DVD player and it could have all the cool functions that the Apple TV has. The other thing it needs to have is it needs to have movie rentals. If it had movie rentals, and a DVD player, now we're talking about a really interesting home entertainment system.
What I would really like to see in 2008 is a DRM-free iTunes music store. I mean, DRM just doesn't work. It's not stopping piracy and it's just taking the music that we purchase and not allowing us to listen to it in formats that we want. For instance, I can't take those kids that They Might Be Giants albums and put them on my daughter's mp3 player because they will only play on iPods. Can somebody at iTunes explained to my five-year-old why she can't' listen to her music on her mp3 player? Doesn't make any sense to her, and you know what, it really doesn't make any sense to me either.
Now February is when we should be getting our third party iPhone apps. What I really want to see is Apple put in place an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. In other words, not what the other cell phone carriers do now with applications, where they have to approve them and restrict them and do all sorts of things. I'd like to see sort of a free marketplace of third party applications. If that's done, I think there's gonna be some killer apps out there, and some great niche applications that are gonna sell lots of iPhones. So I hope Apple creates a really great third party developer environment.
Finally in 2008 I really want to see them make iMovie better. iMovie 08 was a completely different program than iMovie 06 and it took away a lot of great editing features. I really want to see them add the stuff back again. I tried FinalCut Express, but FinalCut Express doesn't let you get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. It's powerful, but not fast. So I want to see an iMovie 08 that takes all the best things from the current version, and also the best things from iMovie 06. That would be a great update to iMovie and a great gift for the new year.
And there are my wishes for 2008. Hopefully Apple could deliver just a few of them to us at least. and as a stocking stuffer, I'd really like to see MacMost featured on iTunes. I mean, just once, come on, please? Everybody have a Happy Holiday, I'll see you next week. This is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.