Photo Booth Problems

Since upgrading to Leopard I’ve been systematically shuffling through the new features of my favorite applications, including my favorite application of family-fun, Photo Booth.

During last season’s family Christmas the hodgepodge of family members at Grandma’s house, having stirred themselves from lounging in front the brazier’s crackling fire, gathered round the yule laptop. Thereafter Photo Booth reduced the generations, from old to young, into enthusiastically giggling idiots. It was a howling good time which I’ve been looking forward to repeating at this year’s get together.

Upon testing the new Photo Booth I have to say that it seemed to have had a poor leap forward. More of a tumble backwards actually. Here was this newly upgraded Photo Booth and it wasn’t upgraded at all. It didn’t have any of the promised new features, and to disappoint further it froze when I snapped a picture. Hoover could have sued Apple for patent infringement because of how much Leopard’s Photo Booth seemingly sucked.

Have you had this problem with Leopard Photo Booth? Well. Before you start tearing out preference files and reinstalling systems it will behoove you to look and determine whether there are two Photo Booth applications on your hard drive; The one that was there before you upgraded to Leopard, and the one that was installed after you upgraded. The two versions are easy to tell apart by the fact that the newer not only has backdrop effects, it also works.

As it turns out this can also happen with other iLife applications. I discovered that Leopard updating left the earlier version of Address Book in one of my application folders. However, in that case a warning was flung onto the screen letting me know that it wasn’t a version that I should be using.