Power Nap

Mountain Lion came with a new feature called Power Nap that many users might be benefiting from, without even knowing it is there. It is available on many newer MacBooks. You can see if you have Power Nap by going to System Preferences, Energy Saver and looking for the Power Nap checkbox. There is one for the Battery settings and another checkbox for the Power Adapter settings.
If you have Power Nap have have it turned on, then your MacBook will occasionally do some things like checking email and syncing to iCloud while it is asleep, but plugged in. This feature can help MacBook users by allowing them to get working faster when they wake up their MacBooks. It can even perform Time Machine backups while your MacBook sleeps.

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    9 years ago

    On my mbp with OS X 10.8.2, when I go to System Prefs > Energy Saver, there is no Power Nap checkbox.

    What am I missing?

    BTW: Really appreciating your videos and website.

    9 years ago

    Do you know if automator actions will run while in power nap state if they're scheduled to run from calendar? Thanks.

      9 years ago

      I'm not sure. Easy to test though. Try it and report your results.

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