Quick Full Screen Preview

To quickly view an image full screen from the Finder, select it and press Option+Command. Better yet, you can select multiple images, then press Option+Command, and then use the arrow keys to flip between them. This also works with other kinds of files, such as word processing documents, if a preview is available.

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    Jim Flannery
    9 years ago

    Running Mountain Lion 10.8.3, and pressing Option+Command does NOT bring picture files full screen here.

      9 years ago

      What kind of file are you selecting? Are you in the Finder? Have you perhaps turned off the default keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight in System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts?

    Stratis Simon
    9 years ago

    Gary; not working for me ether.
    OS 10.8.3

    9 years ago

    You're supposed to use Option + Spacebar. Not command key :)

    If you want multiple pictures, select them while pressing command and the use Option + Spacebar to preview in fullscreen.

      Constance Brennan
      9 years ago

      Yes, Option + Spacebar works; Opt + Command does not.

      OSX 10.8.3

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