Quickly Always Open With

If you are sick of having a document open with the wrong application, hopefully you already know that you can Ctrl+click or right click on a document and select “Open With.” In the pop-up that appears you can select “Other” and then choose an application, checking off “Always Open With.” Then the next time you double-click on the document, it will open in the proper application. But did you also know that you can Ctrl+click or right click on a document, go to the Open With submenu, and hold down the Option key before making a selection? Holding down Option will mark that application as the “Always Open With” application for that document.

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    Donna Brooks
    9 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! You give such great tips! I noticed when I held down the Option key that a couple of other items in the contextual menu changed also. One changed “Quicklook” to a “Slideshow”, for example, and “Get Info” became “Show Inspector”. Question: I sometimes have duplicate apps listed in my dropdown menu (like an older & newer version of Firefox, for example). Is there a way to get rid of items?

    I saw one of your vids on changing commands in the Menu bar menus in iMovie by holding down different keys. Could you please consider doing a segment just going through the menu commands in Safari & iTunes, demonstrating what they do and how they can be useful?? This would be really helpful for Firefox & Chrome, too, but I know you stick with Safari for your browser tutorials. Could you also demonstrate the usefulness of apps like Safari Stand and Glims? Thank you!

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