Email a Web Address

If you want to email someone a link to the Web page you are looking at, just press Command+Shift+I in Safari. This opens a new Mail message with the title of the page in the subject and a link in the body. All you need to do is fill in the “To” and send.

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    Donna Brooks
    9 years ago

    Gary, is there somewhere on this site where you address how to set up Safari (or any browser) to open a WEBMAIL compose new message to address when clicking on an email address? I never use Mail, don’t even have an email address that isn’t web-based, and would like to use Yahoo and/or Gmail. Can that be set up automatically?

      9 years ago

      No, there’s no way to really do that. Each system (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) has its own way of doing things and if you are using them in a web browser only, then you can’t force your browser to open a window that automatically has things set to send to an email address like that. You can simply set up Gmail or Yahoo to work in the Mail client. But if you want to stay web-only, then there’s no way to use that feature.

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