Quitting Apps In iOS 7

Need to force a misbehaving app to quit on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? You can do that in iOS 7 using the list of currently running apps.

Need to force-quit an app that is having issues?
Start by double-pressing the Home button at the bottom of your device.
This brings up the list of currently running apps.
Swipe left or right to get to the app you wish to quit.
Now, tap the center of the screen and swipe up.
The app is removed from the list and is no longer running in the background.

Bonus information:
You can also force-quit the app you are currently using by holding down the wake/sleep button for three seconds. Then, when the “slide to power off” message appears, press and hold the Home button for about six seconds instead. Some apps will quit and restart, while others will simply quit.

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    Mary Allbright
    11 years ago

    Thank you so much for showing me how to stop my apps from running in the background with the iOS 7!

    11 years ago

    Thanks for the bonus info!

    11 years ago

    App Store/iPad Update issue. Apps download ok, but then remains in App Updates with "open" indicated. Apps open ok, run properly, but then continue to appear in the updates. Have tried shutting off/on iPad but still appears in App Updates. Have deleted Apps and downloaded again, but issues seems to be with Apple, not the apps.

      11 years ago

      My advice: don't worry about it. The list is just a log of updates. If it shows "open" then it is fine.

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