Rating Apple Gift Ideas 2021

Here are some gift ideas from Apple and other sources for Apple fans. I'll talk about each idea and rate them depending on how good of a gift i think each one really is.

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    3 years ago

    I loved your Apple gift ideas. Thanks for thinking of doing it. However, you forgot to mention that one can also give software as gifts. There are are some real great software ideas up for grabs in the next few days. There are direct discounts directly from the developers themselves as well as great software bundles from groups like Bundle Hunt and Stacksocial. Very affordable and can be useful and/or fun depending upon what you decide to give. Hope you'll be able to mention this at some point.

    Nan Sansone
    3 years ago

    Gary, what a great bunch of ideas with a relevant rating system! I almost skipped reading this post but I needed one more gift for my husband. The multi-device charger will look nice on the table next to his chair - and eliminate a couple of cords - a gift for me! Ha!

    3 years ago

    Gary: I know that Apple Music goes well with the Homepod Mini, but just wanted to add that, I put one of these in my garage/shop and then use the Music app on my Mac to stream it to the pod. So, if you don't subscribe to Apple Music you can still enjoy your own music. Cheers.

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