Rearrange Menu Bar Icons

If you don’t like the order of the icons on the right side of your menu bar, you can change the order by holding the Command key and dragging left or right. You can’t move the Notifications Center icon all the way to the right, however. Sometimes if an app has many menu bar items, the menu bar icons to the left won’t appear. So it makes sense to move more important icons to the right.

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    3 years ago

    When i hold down (or release) the command key - it PUFFs (removes) my icon from the menu bar totally. I know how to replace it, but i can't seem to move my Bluetooth icon?

    3 years ago

    Narelle: It will remove it (with a puff) if you drag it down away from the menu bar and release. The Bluetooth one should move just like the rest.

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