Recording Voice Memos On Your Mac

You can quickly and easily record voice memos on your Mac with the built-in QuickTime Player app. Once you launch QuickTime Player, you can use keyboard shortcuts to create a new audio recording and start recording. Then you can stop and save the recording in a format that will work in most places.
Video Transcript / Captions
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If you've ever wanted to record a voice memo on your Mac you'll find that there's no easy app to do it with like there's is on the iPhone where you can just use Voice Memos. But you can do it pretty easily with the QuickTime player app which is included.

So I'm going to use Spotlight to launch QuickTime player and it's going to open a video to play because it's QuickTime player. But you can also record things. You can record the screen. You can record from the Camera. And you can also do New Audio Recording. Note the keyboard shortcut is Control Option Command N.

So I'm going to use that with this open dialogue still there. It's still waiting for a file. I'm just going to circumvent that and use that shortcut and you can see I get that Audio Recording interface over here. I can click on the little reveal arrow there and I can choose the Microphone, if I have multiple ones, and the Quality. I can go back and forth. Probably for voice memos I don't need to go to maximum there. Now I can click the red button here to start recording and then click it again to stop.

This is a test voice memo. Naturally, of course, it would be a little longer normally. Now this changes to a playback interface as soon as I'm done. I can hit the Play button (this is a test voice memo) and play it back just as I can any other piece of audio I may have opened. If I go to Save, Command S will be the shortcut, I can just save it very easily as a M4A file which is a pretty universal format and should work just about anywhere. That's how I can do it.

Now I can still this entire thing. I can, of course, add QuickTime player to the Dock or just continue to launch it in Spotlight. I can use that keyboard shortcut, Control Option Command N, and then I can use the Spacebar to start recording. Now I'm recording another test voice memo. Spacebar stops it. Command S saves it. I name it and I'm done.

So it's fairly easy to record voice memos and it remembers the last place you saved. So if you're not using QuickTime player for anything else you can create a Voice Memos folder and everytime you do this it's going to automatically default to saving to that folder.