Recording With Multiple Microphones Using GarageBand

You can use more than one microphone or input device with GarageBand on your Mac. Instead of buying more hardware, you can configure your Audio MIDI Setup utility to create an aggregate device that treats each mic like a track in a single input. Then you can set up multiple tracks in GarageBand to use those tracks so each mic records to a different track.

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    Bill Haynes
    5 years ago

    How were the 3 mics connected to your Mac? Were they each connected to a USB port? Did you use a USB hub? Bill

    5 years ago

    Bill: Yes, USB is the way to connect mics. I am using a hub, yes. That shouldn't make a difference.

    Louise Kienast
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this lesson. I have been using GarageBand for as long as it was around. I still have the previous one with the Podcast option and use both versions. I am planning to spend more time exploring all of the many ways to record audio in GarageBand, so this will be a big help when it comes to using microphones. I hope you will have more lessons on this topic.

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