Request a Refund or Report a Problem With an iTunes Purchase

If you have a problem with some you purchased from iTunes or an Apple App Store, you can easily report this problem and request a refund. This is the easiest way to get your money back if you have problems with a video rental, for instance.
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So one time or another if you purchase enoughthings from iTunes or the App Store you run
into a problem . Say maybe you rent a movieand for some reason your download doesn't
complete and you can't watch it.
Or you buy an app it doesn't work with youryour particular model of Mac and you need
to get a refund or report the problem to Apple.
There is a simple way to do this.
You have to go to Report a Problem.
When you go there you will be asked to signin as I was there before and then you can
see your most recent purchases.
You can narrow it down by type of purchase.
When you figure out what it is that you hadthe problem with, let's say it was this app
here, you click the Report a Problem buttonand then you select what type of problem you
had and write a description.
So, for instance, if you rent a movie andthe video wasn't able to complete the download
or it didn't play back as expected or somethinglike that you can report that problem.
Describe what happened, hit Submit, and thenhopefully you'll get a response from Apple
a few days later issuing you a refund.
Or if it's just a simple problem that youwant to report so Apple knows about it, you
may or may not get a response.
But it's good to know that you have this abilityto tell Apple that something went wrong with
a purchase in either iTunes or the App Store.

Comments: 4 Responses to “Request a Refund or Report a Problem With an iTunes Purchase”

    2 years ago

    I tried to request a refund but I remembered that I don’t know how to describe my problem pleaseeeeeeeee someone help me and thx.

    2 years ago

    Azizalhussan: If you had trouble describing the issue, then maybe call Apple instead.

    2 years ago

    I have an iTunes credit which I do NOT want to apply to music( because of hearing problems) or books ( because I have an overabundence & sadly no room for more & no one to whom I can gift books ) Please will you let me know how to allow the $ to be applied to my purchase of some apple equipment or what is your suggestion for retrieval of $ which has been sitting unused for several years?

    2 years ago

    Vel: iTunes and the Apple Store (physical products) are separate, so you can’t use iTunes credit for Apple Store purchases. But you can use them to buy apps (iOS or Mac) so maybe find an app or game that you may find useful. Occasionally you will see Apple feature a charity (like the Red Cross after a disaster, etc) in the iTunes store. Not 100% sure you can apply credit to that, but you can try if you like that idea. As you suggested, gifting may be an option — gift music or apps if not books then.

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